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Krešimirova 26c, Rijeka

Radno vrijeme: utorak - nedjelja: 11 - 20 sati

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adresa do 1.10.2017. Dolac 1/II, Rijeka

Mali salon
Korzo 24, Rijeka

Zimsko (od 1.10. do 30.4.):
utorak – subota, od 11 do 18 sati
nedjelja, od 11 do 13 i od 17 do 20 sati
ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno

Ljetno (od 1.5. do 30.9.):
utorak – petak, od 11 do 20 sati
subota i nedjelja, od 11 do 14 i od 18 do 20 sati
ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno

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Arhiva izložbi
18. DC

18th International Exhibition of Drawings / 18. DC

Opening: January 25 at 8 pm, MMSU
MMSU, January 25 - March 16 2013.


Vladimir Veličković, Davor Vrankić, Tomislav Čeranić

Opening: January 25 at 7 pm, Mali salon
Mali salon, January 25 - 16. February 2013

18dc_trakica 600.jpg

The International Exhibition of Drawings is a traditional art show belonging to the recognizable programs which have been acknowledged by experts and which contributed to the growing reputation of Rijeka’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art as one of the leading museums in Croatia. Idea on initiating the relevant international art event has risen back in 1968. Since then, this art show has lived through seventeen editions that altogether confirmed its importance.

Through large diversity and plurality, the drawing has demonstrated a continuation of traditional comprehension, but also a great conceptual span, overlapping and interpenetration with other media, including the active relation with the audience. Coming of age in its 18th edition, after more than 40 years of existence, growth, transformation and crisis, the exhibition currently faces a new challenge, one of self-renewal.
For this reason it was decided that the central theme of the 18th International Exhibition of Drawings (2013) will cover the issue of original drawing. The question arises as to what is a present position of „classical“ drawing rendered  by standard drawing techniques on a traditional surface, is it still out there, has it been overpowered by contemporary tendencies or perhaps it actual, alive and interesting.
The selection of drawings for the next exhibition has been executed by the Organisational Committee of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in collaboration with the Expert Board which gathers visual art experts, connoisseurs of contemporary drawing who pursue drawing either in a theoretical way or use drawing to creatively express themselves. The Expert Board members are: Vladimir Veličković, academician; Slavica Marković, M.Sc; Henri François Debailleux, art citric; Frano Dulibić, Ph.D.;  drawers Davor Vrankić and Tomislav Čeranić.
The exhibition will be open on January 25th 2013, realized as a dynamic combination of main, selected exhibitions of international and Croatian authors.
E. Pignon, N. Devereux, J. Zonder, M. Carrasquer, R. Lanzarini, M. Oosterbaan, T. Jonsbu, H. Linck, J. Zanki, Z. Keser, N. Kavurić Kurtović, T. Buntak, R . Šimrak, I. Rončević, T. Gverović, E. Santini, M. Tadić are just some of the 39 excellent artists presented at the exhibition.
At the same time, exhibition in Mali salon presents drawings of V. Veličković, D. Vrankić and T. Čeranić who were selectors for 18th International Exhibition of Drawing.


David Porchy, Parade, 2011.

The artists that will be presented at the 18th International Exhibition of Drawings:

Mrđan Bajić
Gordana Bakić
Pascal Bazilé
Tomislav Buntak
Marcos Carrasquer
Leah Clough
Tomislav Čeranić
Nick Devereux
Nikolaj Dudek
Nemanja Djordjević 
Milan Erič
Ana Feiner
Tina Gverović
Velibor Janković
Tina Jonsbu
Nives Kavurić Kurtović
Zlatko Keser
Damjan Kovačević
Kosta Kulundzic
Andrej Kurtin
Ricardo Lanzarini
Bae Lee
Frédéric Léglise
Heidi Linck
Ruth Martindale
Marlène Mocquet
Michelle Oosterbaan
Ernest Pignon-Ernest
Stéphane Pencréac'h
David Porchy
Igor Rončević
Emanuela Santini
Robert Šimrak
Marko Tadić
Josip Zanki
Petra Varl
Vladimir Veličković
Marko Velk
Fabien Verschaere
Davor Vrankić
Xiao Fan Ru
Jérôme Zonder

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