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untill 1/10/2017: Dolac 1/II, Rijeka

Mali salon
Korzo 24, Rijeka

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Soft Control

Copula a series of art interventions in public space

3 – 19 May 2013

Location: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art zone, Rijeka

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Frequent comments on the invisibility and aloofness of the museum zone inspired us to design a project that would signal the presence of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in its neighbourhood, and also challenge the visibility of contemporary art in public space.




3 May – Rafaela Dražić and [BLOK] – Ivana Hanaček, Ana Kutleša, Vesna Vuković: GRAD=BROD (CITY=SHIP), public action, Jadranski trg, during evening hours

13 May – Marko Batista and Boštjan Čadež, Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art – Ljubljana: TIMING DIAGRAMS, multimedia performance, Koblerov trg at 9pm

14 – 16 May –Zoran Pavelić: Roll Call 2013, performance, Korzo – in front of the Mali Salon at 12am

14 – 18 May – PLATTFORMER: Ping pong in the city / Sonic Platforming, site specific intervention, in front of the Mali Salon, 2 - 6pm (till May 14, near the building of the former Teatro Fenice at 2pm )

14 – 19 May – Boris Oicherman: Reflected City, mobile intervention, different locations around the Museum at 9pm

14 – 19 May – Antonio Kiselić: Perpetuations, performance, Hotel Bonavia stairs, every day

13 – 19 May – Pawel Kowzan: Untitled (All solids melt into Air), sound installation, entrance to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

14 – 18 May – Daniele Sambo: SOWN, light installation, different locations at 9pm (gathering at the Mali Salon for group tours)

17 May – KVART - Boris Šitum, Milan Brkić, Rino Efendić, Split: Brief Visit to Rijeka, performance, interventions, Mali salon zone



16 and 17 May 2013, Mali Salon, 10am – 3pm

16 May 2013

Lidija Butković Mićin, Rijeka - Zagreb: presentation of the project 1POSTOZAUMJETNOST (1%FORART)

Bojana Piškur, Modern Gallery, Ljubljana: Museum in the Streets

Plattformer: Carl Richardson, Tim Mitchell, Nina Scholz, James Dunn, London: Ping pong in the city / Sonic Platforming

Daniele Sambo, Venice - Glasgow: Collective spaces: light and darkness

Boris Oicherman: From darkroom to public art: photography as story-making

Goran Petercol, Rijeka - Rovinj: Interspaces


17 May 2013

Inês Moreira, Porto: Performative gathering: Intimate and Collective

Kristina Leko, Zagreb - Berlin: Participation, Empowerment (Community Art and Public Space)

Margarethe Makovec, Anton Lederer - Rotor, Graz: ANNENVIERTEL! The Art of Urban Intervention

KVART - Boris Šitum, Milan Brkić, Rino Efendić, Split: Brief Visit to Rijeka, video presentation

Milijana Babić and Lara Badurina, APURI, presentation of the mobility pilot Workshop at specific locations, graduate course in Media Arts and Practices of ADRIART project ( at the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka

Rafaela Dražić and [BLOK] – Ivana Hanaček, Ana Kutleša, Vesna Vuković: Actions in public space, the Rijeka case: BROD=GRAD (CITY=SHIP)



Mali Salon, 10 – 25 May 2013: Moment of Silence, Toni Meštrović and Nadija Mustapić

Moment of Silence is a co-authored project by two video artists from Rijeka and Split – Nadija Mustapić and Toni Meštrović. It was made in the period from 2012 to 2013 at 3. maj shipyard in Rijeka and Brodosplit shipyard in Split, in cooperation with shipyard workers. The audio and video material from Split and Rijeka shipyard locations have been edited into a multi-channel installation, which will be presented for the first time at the Mali salon Gallery in Rijeka. The leading thread of this project is suggested by its very title. It implicates the fragility of identity, existential and economic uncertainty and post-transitional anxiety, and reflects the situation that equally permeates local and global contexts.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 7 – 25 May 2013: Interspaces, Aleksandar Garbin and Goran Petercol

Aside from streets, our signpost points towards the museum refuge; we climb to the large hall where a joint display by Aleksandar Garbin and Goran Petercol will try to answer the question raised inevitably when discussing the topic of space: what is interspace and where do we find it? Around thirty works will serve as a reminder where it is that we find interspaces – in our own home, at the exhibition, on a bus – between the kitchen and the room, between two exhibits, between passengers. The authors believe interspace is ambiguous, once a point of connection, another time a borderline.

Parallel events:

PLATTFORMER, workshop, 7 – 9  May, 11 am – 4 pm, contact:

Workshop with children, Dragana Sapanjoš, 15 May 2013, MMSU

After Party, DJ Pero Despero, Klub Život, 17.05.2013., 10 pm

Questionnaire for the citizens, Copula Crew, 18 May 2013, in front of the Mali Salon, 10am -5pm

Journalism workshop, Students of History of Art, 3 - 23 May 2013, Faculty of Philosophy, Rijeka

High school students in public space, Milica Đilas, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, project presentation in Mali Salon, 29 May 2013 at 12
In association with the Museum’s Education Department and four high schools from Rijeka, during the 2012/2013 school year the students conducted a research about the ways in which high school students use public space in the city of Rijeka. The students and their mentors: David Karasman, Andrija Mohorovičić Gymnasium; Branka Batričević and Asja Bikić Rukavina, School of Civil and Technical Engineering; Željko Maurović, Italian High School; Laura Herceg, School of Applied Arts from Rijeka.

Copula is a part of Soft Control project (


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