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Krešimirova 26c, Rijeka

Radno vrijeme: utorak - nedjelja: 11 - 20 sati

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adresa do 1.10.2017. Dolac 1/II, Rijeka

Mali salon
Korzo 24, Rijeka

Zimsko (od 1.10. do 30.4.):
utorak – subota, od 11 do 18 sati
nedjelja, od 11 do 13 i od 17 do 20 sati
ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno

Ljetno (od 1.5. do 30.9.):
utorak – petak, od 11 do 20 sati
subota i nedjelja, od 11 do 14 i od 18 do 20 sati
ponedjeljkom i praznikom zatvoreno

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Arhiva izložbi




Art in Port – Adriatic Art Events

MMSU, November 20 - December 6 2014


Art in Port project, consisting of five traveling exhibitions, gathers more than twenty contemporary artists, mostly of younger generation, from the following countries: Albania / Anila Rubiku, Endri Dani, Fani Sulejman, Ilir Kaso, Alketa Ramaj; Montenegro  / Irena Lagator, Natalija Vujošević, Jovana  Vujanović, Igor Rakčević, Jelena Tomašević; Italy / Giulia Maria Belli,  Chiara Bugatti, Enej Gala, Annamaria Maccapani, Francesca Piovesan, Giuseppe Teofilo, Gianmaria Giannetti, Sarah Ciracì, Francesca Loprieno, Dario Agrimi and Croatia / Gildo Bavčević, Fokus grupa, Ana Hušman, Nika Rukavina and Davor Sanvincenti.

By dealing with the topic of sea, a natural good and the repository of a collective imagination, which has become the basis of unbalanced economic exploitation, the artists aim to highlight the grey zone existing between the formal image of the “global openness” and the real situation. In these times of unjust exchange and weak economic capacities, short temper and blurred vision only seem to be irrelevant details of daily living. Potentials of mutual understanding are obstructed by diseases built up in the past; they are locked up in historical fortresses, tainted by cultural stereotypes and nationalistic prejudices, which get overheated in the vague dynamics of globalization and labor market demands.

The exhibited works illustrate different ways of muddling through the widespread economic hustle and the thoroughly controlled protocols of territorial affiliation. By using different media and various approaches, from humor and irony to allegory and agitation, the artists question the domineering hierarchies and challenge the standards that support them.  We will have the chance to observe some aspects of social reality to which we usually turn a blind eye, such as greed, narrow-mindedness, tractability, indifference… However, we will also have the opportunity to see human inclination to gentleness, trust, solidarity, as well as moments filled with utopian impulses, with a possibility of creating happier spaces. 

The chief organizer is Pino Pascali Foundation/Museum of Contemporary Art from Polignano a Mare (http://www.museopinopascali.it/). The first exhibition opens in August at Pyramida in Tirana, after which it travels to Cetinje, Rijeka, Venice and Polignano al Mare. The exhibition at the Rijeka Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art runs from November 20 to December 6, 2014.

Parallel program:

21st and 22nd November, 8 pm, 8,30 pm, Art-kino, Film Screening: The Forgotten Space by Allan Sekula and Noël Burch

28th November, MMSU, 8 pm, Lecture by Sven Rücker: Sea Horizons

26th November, 3rd December, MMSU, 5 – 7 pm, Workshop for youth: Borders in Motion



3rd December at 6pm



The exhibition is a part of ArTVision project, with the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar as one of the participants.

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Foto: Ana Hušman, Postcards, 2013., film, 23’

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