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Towards the Object

Artists: Julie Bena, Chiara Fumai, Riccardo Giacconi, Martin Horák, Zhana Ivanova, Carsten Recksik, Petr Štembera, Avdei Ter-Organian, Todosch (Torsten Schlopsnies)

Mali salon, 7 - 30/8/2015

Opening: Friday, August 7th at 8 pm



The exhibition Towards the Object takes its title from the work of Avdei Ter-Organian. In 1992 at Trekhprudnyi Lane, first Moscow’s artist space he co-founded, Ter-Oganian drank himself unconscious and remained passed out on the floor in the middle of the gallery for the duration of the one-night exhibition.

Statement towards what is performance and sculpture, comment on the brutal reality of 1990s Russia economical transformation, all with the very currency today, we must also not forget the artist himself doesn’t remember anything of that work.

This exhibition is a comment on different ways of losing one’s own subjectivity, intentionality and ability to act. However the sculptural materiality may become the obvious part of it, we must not forget about the economical, historical, political or any other process of power, our own subject is always already subjected to.

But why not. If we really don't have any freedom of choice, no need to worry about. As if it’s true, there for sure isn't much to do with it. One wise man once wrote that anyway the notion of free will was invented only to justify the punishment.

Isn't exhibition actually the ideal example of objectification? Doesn’t the curator treat the artworks as sole tools of his or her purposes? So prepare yourself visitor, and also you participating artist, you will ALL be objectified…


Curator: Michal Novotný, Futura, Prag


Petr Štembera, Grafting, performance, 1975.

Avdei Ter-Organyan, Towards the Object, performance, 1992.

Acknowledgements: Embassy of the Czech Republic, Zagreb


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