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The 6th Youth Biennial, 1971, graphic design by Ante Kuduz, serigraphy, 984 x 683 mm, MMSU-2359
Modern Architecture of Rijeka, 1996, design by Bruketa & Žinić, photography by Damir Fabijanić, offset, 980 x 683 mm, MMSU-2363
The International Museum Day, 1991, design by Boris Ljubičić, photography by Damir Fabijanić, realization Studio International, offset, 687 x 985 mm, MMSU-2929
The 14th International Drawing Exhibition - Comics, 1998, graphic design by Mirko Ilić, drawing by Davor Vrankić, offset, 1340 x 990 mm, MMSU-2358
Salon 54, 1954, design by Ivan Picelj, colour lithography, 1000 x 700 mm, MMSU-2356
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